Best Hiking Boots Under $100

Best Hiking Boots Under $100

Hiking is an enjoyable outdoor activity with multiple benefits. It can help you lose weight, lower cholesterol levels, lower your blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease, relieve stress, and improve bone density. For your hike to be successful, you must have the best gear: hiking boots.

Hiking boots will help you hike on different terrains and surfaces because they are non-slip and very comfortable. When buying hiking boots, choose something within your budget, size, comfort level, and other needs. There are many hiking boots in the market sold at different prices.

We have carefully selected the best hiking boots under $100 for men and women in our guide below. However, if you’re short on time then let us reveal our top picks in this category.

Our top men’s hiking boot goes to the Merrell Men’s Moab Hiking Boot. This boot check all the boxes for comfort, durability, support and quality.

For women’s hiking boots, our top pick goes to the Columbia Women’s Plus Hiking Boots. This boot is lightweight, waterproof and perfect for all-weather hiking. Continue to read our full reviews below.

Top 10 Best Hiking Boots Under $100

If you are new to hiking boots, selecting the best boots hiking boots can be challenging. Luckily, we have come up with the best hiking boots that suit any budget under $100.

#10. NORTIV 8 Men’s Hiking Boots

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NORTIV 8 is an American NO. 1 outdoor sports footwear brand. They have designed these hiking boots to help you go out there and make each step a natural connection and discover new things. Fitted with a waterproof coating, these boots resist water efficiently, making them suitable for moist conditions.

Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about your feet sweating or sliding because the boots are breathable and won’t trap in moisture.

They have braided shoelaces that withstand a maximum tension of up to 650N, and they ensure you have a fit that suits you well. Still, it integrates a smooth sewing process that seals the PU material and meshes fabric to offer more wear-resistance and durability.

Besides, the boots have a rubber toe cap and reinforced heel that provides more strength and ensures more ankle protection, even in harsh terrains.

It has a heavy-duty rubber outsole that provides stability, slip, and abrasion resistance, and it offers a great response to various terrain. The rubber outsole will allow you to move comfortably on all surfaces without slipping.

A flexible insole gives arch support, and the flexible MD midsole absorbs shock and reduces foot fatigue.

Key Features

  • Features a shaft measuring 6-inches from arch
  • Heel measures 1″ and boot opening measures 13-inches round
  • Fitted with a waterproof coating for water protection
  • Features braided shoelaces that withstand the tension of up to 650N
  • Has rubber toe cap and reinforced heel for ankle protection
  • Rubber outsole helps you move efficiently on all surfaces
  • Features flexible insole and flexible MD midsole for shock absorption


  • The boots are suitable for any outdoor occasion
  • Ideal for moderate moist conditions
  • These boots are flexible and comfortable to use
  • Stain-resistant and straightforward to maintain


  • They are tricky to get in for beginners
  • Too narrow in the front, and they are not 100% water-resistant.

Final Verdict

NORTIV 8 hiking boots are multipurpose, suitable for indoor and outdoor. You can use these boots for outdoor sports like hunting, hiking, climbing, camping, fishing, cycling, trekking, backpacking, running, traveling, mountaineering, and many more. There is no limit to what you can do with these fantastic boots from NORTIV 8.

#9. Mountain Warehouse Adventure Women’s Hikers

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Here is another pair of quality women’s hiking boots from Mountain Warehouse Adventure. They have designed these hiking boots to make your hiking pain-free and enjoyable.

These boosts have breathable fabrics that allow moisture out efficiently to prevent your feet from forming odor or sweating. The breathable design means you can use them for outdoor and indoor activities other than hiking.

The boots have a mesh that is loosely woven and lightweight fabric with spaced holes that enhance airflow. Still, these boots have heel and toe bumpers that will provide rubber reinforcement at the front and rear of the footwear, offering enough protection and durability.

There is a molded footbed that supports your foot while walking on different surfaces.

Furthermore, the hiking boots have high traction outsoles that provide reliable grip on different surfaces, and they are more useful in wet conditions. Featuring a water-resistant and waterproof upper, you are guaranteed a quality pair that will serve well in all weather conditions.

Key Features

  • The boots are made of water-resistant upper and waterproof membrane
  • Equipped with breathable fabrics
  • Features a simple lacing system for breathability and perfect fit
  • It has a lightweight synthetic upper
  • Mesh lining improves breathability
  • Equipped with heel and toe bumpers for maximum support and protective
  • Features high-traction outsoles suitable for different surfaces


  • The construction of these boots is supportive and protective
  • They are stable and comfortable to use on different terrains
  • Waterproof and breathable
  • These are high-traction boots for different surfaces
  • They are affordable and worth investing in


  • The inner soles are too thin
  • They are not suitable for rugged trails.

Final Verdict

Overall, these are the best boots to have if you want to invest in comfort, support, and durability. The constriction of these boots is breathable, waterproof, and they can withstand multiple hiking trips without tearing or discomfort.

They will keep you protected and comfortable, even when you walk for more extended periods.

#8. CC-Los Men’s Winter Hiking Boots

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Lastly, we have these hiking boots from CC-Los. The boots have removable insoles that ensure enough shock absorption and support your feet entirely. Furthermore, the uppers are made of 100% leather and mesh materials that guarantee durability.

A gusseted tongue and premium upper keep sand and rain out of the shoe, helping keep the shoe odor-free and sweat-free. The waterproof membrane does not allow water molecules to enter the shoe, helping keep your feet dry. In addition, this hiking boot uses a sturdy outsole that helps you walk on different terrains without slipping.

With its lightweight design, you can wear these hiking boots for hours without feeling fatigued or discomfort.

Key Features

  • Equipped with a gusseted tongue that keeps debris out
  • Features waterproof breathable membrane
  • It has removable and cushioned insoles
  • Has sturdy outsole for traction


  • These boots provide advanced traction
  • Lightweight and waterproof
  • They boost your comfort and support level
  • Suitable for a tight budget


  • The quality is a bit poor
  • They are not durable.

Final Verdict

These are great men’s hiking boots, especially for those on a budget. The boots are designed to give a hiker enough comfort and alleviate the pain of wearing poor-quality hiking boots. Besides, you can use them on different terrains without worrying about dirt because they are easy to clean.

#7. Manfen Women’s Hiking Boots

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The hiking boot is made from waterproof mesh and breathable membrane designed to offer cushioning and better performance. They are fitted with a rubber sole that is designed to resist slipping on different surfaces.

The integrated midsole ensures your feet are well cushioned and supported so that you can walk for hours without feeling discomfort. It has molded TPU that supports the ankle, and the boots are lightweight enough to be worn for hours.

The boots are available in sky blue, gray, black, and camouflage color, helping you choose the best fit. Still, the boots are available in different sizes to meet different needs.

Key Features

  • Constructed from the breathable membrane and waterproof mesh
  • Features molded TPU for ankle support
  • Available in sky blue, gray, black, and camouflage color
  • They have an insole and outsole for slip-resistance
  • Equipped with a simple lacing system


  • The boots offer shock absorption and support
  • They are suitable for multiple outdoor occasions
  • Waterproof and breathable


  • They don’t have enough padding
  • The front top of the boot is narrow

Final Verdict

These are reliable boots that can be used for walking, hiking, traveling, fishing, backpacking, trekking, camping, family outings, and many more. The boots are specifically designed to protect and keep hiking enthusiasts comfortable.

Furthermore, their heavy-duty design enables them to resist damage from water and other elements.

#6. Columbia Women’s Plus Hiking Boots

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Many women’s hiking boots are in the market, but they are not popular and comfortable as Columbia plus hiking boots. This is a waterproof boot from a known brand with thousands of positive reviews that challenge you to buy the boot.

It has a lightweight and durable midsole that provides superior cushioning, high energy return, and long-lasting comfort during your hike.

With these hiking boots, you will enjoy reliable and robust traction on all surfaces, thanks to the advanced rubber sole that guarantees robust and non-slip movement.

The boots have adjustable lace-up closure that provides solid ankle support and ensures you have a secure fit no matter how long you walk. With their leather, mesh bootie construction, and durable mesh tongue, the hiking boots will make hiking enjoyable and worry-free.

The hiking boots offer durability and style with their contrasting color combinations, making them great for women. Furthermore, the boots have a multi-terrain traction system that matches different types of hiking terrains. It has a dual-zone winter tread pattern that will enhance solid footing on ice and snow surfaces.

Key Features

  • They have a combination of suede and supportive leather construction
  • Features a lightweight midsole that offers superior cushioning
  • Equipped with a non-marking traction rubber outsole that prevents slipping
  • Adjustable lace-up closure offers a secure fit and support
  • Feature a multi-terrain traction system for all terrains
  • It has a platform measuring approximately 1.0-inches


  • These hiking boots are stylish and lightweight
  • They can be used on different terrains without slipping or causing discomfort
  • Available in multiple colors and sizes to meet your needs
  • The breathable design ensures your feet are sweat and odor-free


  • Not great for using in harsh sunlight
  • They bend around the toes and cause toes discomfort.

Final Verdict

Overall, these are the best hiking boots to have for any lady looking for lightweight and stylish boots. The boots will give enough confidence to walk for hours without feeling discomfort or worrying about discomfort. The good thing about these boots from Columbia is how they come in different colors and sizes, giving you the freedom to choose what you want.

#5. Hi-Tec Men’s Waterproof Hiking Boot

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Hi-Tec men’s hiking boot is a reasonably priced option that is worth considering. The boot is fitted with everything you need to make your hike memorable and enjoyable. It has a breathable leather and textile upper that allows air to get in so that your feet won’t sweat when wearing the boots.

These hiking boots have a steel shank designed to offer maximum support and stability on rough hikes. With its rugged outsole, you can comfortably walk on different surfaces without slipping or feeling uncomfortable. For added support and comfort, the boots have contoured insoles that are removable and won’t slip.

They have rust-resistant lacing hardware that can withstand harsh conditions, and it allows you to adjust well to a fit that suits you. With this boot, you won’t have blisters or sores on your feet because it is perfectly padded and stitched.

Key Features

  • It is fitted with a rubber sole that prevents slipping
  • Constructed of 100% leather and textile
  • Features a removable rubber insole for cushioning and shock absorption
  • It has a steel shank for stability and support
  • Equipped with striped nylon straps, suede overlays, and log on the heel/tongue
  • It has a shaft that measures 5-inches from arch


  • The boots are padded and comfortable to wear
  • Resistant to water damage and elements
  • They are lightweight yet durable
  • These boots have good arch and ankle support


  • The lacing system design is poor
  • They are pretty narrow and not suitable for heavy-duty tasks.

Final Verdict

With a pair of these hiking boots, you will always miss going hiking. The boots are easy to get in, hassle-free to maintain, and provide reliable support on different surfaces. The boots stand out because of the heavy-duty construction that can withstand multiple hikes without tearing or losing shape. Still, the interior design and padding make them comfortable to wear even for a day.

#4. FREE SOLDIER Men’s Hiking Boots

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The hiking boots are made of plaid fabric, TPU material, and EVA midsole, all of which are meant to offer maximum cushioning, better performance, and durability. They have an all-terrain outsole that provides maximum grip on different terrains. With the toecap and heel, your feet will have enough support and comfort.

There is a waterproof coating on the outer surface that keeps water off the boots, and the lycra cloth lining will ensure your feet are breathable and dry. The gusseted tongue will prevent sand, pebbles, and other debris from entering the boots.

They have an excellent lace and fasten-up lacing system that allows you to have a secure fit. Furthermore, they are lightweight boots, weighing about 2.2lb, and you won’t feel fatigued, even after wearing them the whole day.

Key Features

  • Equipped with a removable insole and breathable lining
  • Constructed of EVA midsole, TPU material, and braid fabric
  • Features a waterproof coating for water resistance
  • It has a gusseted tongue that prevents debris entry
  • Fitted with lace and fasten-up lacing system


  • These boots are comfortable and protective
  • Fashionable and practical
  • They are lightweight and offer a comfortable fit
  • Suitable for all outdoor activities


  • They are not great for extended wear
  • The boots have no sole support.

Final Verdict

These are multifunctional boots that are suited for hiking and hunting, army, work, tactical training, and other outdoor activities. Moreover, they can be used for summer, spring, autumn, and winter. No matter the weather condition, these boots will help you walk on different terrains and surfaces worry-free.

#3. Timberland Men’s Hiking Boot – Waterproof

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Timberland is a fantastic brand committed to giving its customers the best hiking accessories at an affordable price. This time, they have come with these lightweight yet durable hiking boots that will give you a good time outdoors.

The boots are made from 100 % pure leather that gives your feet enough protection, and there is a gusseted tongue that prevents debris from entering the shoes.

They use a molded EVA midsole that helps you maintain balance and provide cushioning on different terrains, and the comfy footbed will guarantee reliable shock absorption. The lightweight design and cushioning make the boots comfortable, and you can use the removable footbed to give extra comfort.

Moreover, they have water-resistant leather uppers and seam-sealed construction that enhances durability.

Timberland hiking boots have rustproof speed lace hardware that ensures you have a comfortable fit, even when you trail for hours. It has a solid rubber sole with multidirectional lugs, which provide enough traction on all surfaces.

In addition, the outsole goes all the way to the tip of the forefoot, ensuring your toes are well protected from rocks on the tearing. Still, you have the freedom to choose your best size and color because Timberland offers hiking boots of different colors and sizes.

Key Features

  • It has a shaft that measures 4.75″ from arch
  • Constructed from 100% pure leather that enhances durability
  • Features a gusseted tongue that keeps debris out
  • Uses molded EVA midsole that guarantees support and cushioning
  • Equipped with waterproof leather uppers and seam-sealed construction
  • Fitted with a rustproof speed lace hardware for a suitable fit
  • Features a solid rubber sole for traction on all surfaces


  • These boots come in different sizes and colors
  • They provide long-lasting support, cushioning, and comfort
  • Water-resistant and breathable to keep your feet comfortable
  • You can use these boots on different terrains


  • It takes time to break them in

Final Verdict

These are the best leather hiking boots that are suited for any hiking terrain. What makes them outstanding is their lightweight and supportive design that helps you conserve energy and walk for long.¬†Still, their breathable design makes your feet comfortable, even when it’s scorching.

#2. Columbia Men’s Newton Hiking Shoe

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Everyone who loves hiking needs a good pair of hiking boots to help them navigate hike worry-free and enjoy nature walks. Luckily, with this pair from Columbia, you are guaranteed boots made from quality and comfortable materials that will offer years of service.

These boots have a lightweight midsole that provides long-lasting comfort, high energy return, and powerful cushioning.

Thanks to the improved traction rubber sole, you can walk worry-free on all surfaces, whether slippery or rough. The rubber sole is strong enough to withstand rugged terrains without wearing. Moreover, they have waterproof leather and mesh construction that helps the boot withstand all weather conditions.

There is a mesh tongue and unique lacing system that ensures the boot does not trap moisture. Still, you can adjust the lace-up closure to the perfect level that keeps you comfortable.

In addition, the boots have a multi-traction system that matches treads to specific environments, and there is a dual-zone winter tread that offers enough stability on snow and ice surfaces.

Key Features

  • Constructed from mesh, suede, and leather materials
  • Features heel measuring 1.5-inches and shaft measuring 5-inches from arch
  • Equipped with lightweight midsole comfort and support
  • It has an improved and high-traction rubber sole
  • Features a lasing system that offers a secure fit


  • This pair comes at an affordable price
  • The boot is breathable, lightweight, and comfortable to wear for hours
  • It is a versatile and stylish hiking boot for men
  • You can choose your favorite color and perfect size


  • The interior stitching rubs against the heel bone
  • Despite being advertised as fully waterproof, they are not.

Final Verdict

These hiking boots provide both style and durability with their contrasting color combinations and stylish mesh exterior. Furthermore, the boots provide you with comfort and traction while walking over gravel, rocks, grass, and roots. It is the best pair of hiking boots to purchase if you are on a budget.

#1. Merrell Men’s Moab Hiking Boot

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Merrell men’s hiking boot is made of 100% suede, leather, and mesh, all designed to offer the best service and protection. The boots have a sturdy outer sole that is ideal for different surfaces, and it doesn’t tear easily. It has a mesh upper that allows for air movement and prevents your feet from sweating.

They have a closed foam tongue that ensures debris and moisture from getting into the boot. The air cushion in the heel helps absorb shock and provides stability. This boot from Merrell has a sound lacing system that ensures you have a secure fit that will keep you going for hours.

Key Features

  • Equipped with a sturdy outsole for non-slip movement
  • Constructed of leather, mesh, and suede materials
  • Features a mesh upper for airflow
  • Boosts a closed tongue for keeping debris out
  • It has a lacing system for a secure fit


  • The boots are supportive and comfortable
  • Breathable and stays odor-free
  • Lightweight and simple to maintain


  • The boots are not 100% waterproof
  • Their quality is poor, and they need better slip resistance.

Final Verdict

If you want to experience comfort and support during your next hike, consider buying this pair of hiking boots. They are one of the lightweight hiking boots in the market that will offer a great outdoor experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Should Hiking Boots Fit?

When shopping for new hiking boots, fit is the most crucial factor to consider. When making your selection, start by picking a few hiking boots to try on.

Once your foot is firmly in the shoe, shift the weight to the front of the foot. You should be able to put your index finger behind the heel if the boot fits you well. If this doesn’t happen, you will end up with bruised toes. So, make sure there is some room left in the boots.

Next, you have to test the width. The hiking boot should feel snug at the broader part of the forefoot. Don’t invest in that boot if you experience discomfort on the ankle bones or pinching at the heel. You still have to check the length. If your foot is longer than the other, you should check the length of the boots with the longer foot.

The other thing to do is putting socks on when trying the hiking boots. Putting socks on will help you know whether the boots are supportive or if they fit well. Hiking involves walking up and down, and it will be a good idea to try the boots on an inclined surface.

Furthermore, spend 20 minutes walking with the boots to get used to them and feel their comfort level.

How to Break in Hiking Boots?

Knowing how to break in your new hiking boots will help you avoid discomfort. New hiking boots don’t flex and move as the foot wants, meaning many loose points and friction points will lead to blisters and soreness. So, you need to break them in.

First, you should wear boots inside the house. You should wear the socks and extra insoles you will be wearing on the trail. Make sure the gussets and tongues are straight to prevent debris entry. At first, your new boots will feel stiff, which is okay.

Next, you have to walk around your neighborhood with the boobs before going for the hike. Furthermore, you can add on some backpacks to know how the boots behave once you have some load on your back. You also have to listen to your feet. If boots pinch or are causing discomfort, don’t use them for hiking because they will cause problems.

Lastly, you have to avoid the quick fix. For instance, shortcuts like soaking boots or walking long distances wearing the boots are a bad idea. You will be causing problems on your feet.

How to Waterproof Hiking Boots

Since most hiking boots are factory-treated with a water-repellent finish, they don’t need treatment when out of the box. However, the finish will wear off with time, and a replacement will be needed. You will know the water repellant layer has worn off once the water starts absorbing in the interior layer of the boot. There are steps involved when waterproofing your hiking boots. These steps include:

  • Getting a perfect waterproofing treatment
  • Cleaning the boots
  • You have to apply the treatment
  • Drying the boots.

After following the steps, the water-repellant will be up to date until it needs to be replaced again.

How to Clean Hiking Boots?

Hiking boots are made to withstand mud and gritty trails. After the hike, never forget to wash your boots if you don’t want to replace them prematurely. You will need an old vegetable brush, a special boot brush, saddle soap, or a specialized boot cleaner to clean the boots. First, you have to start removing the laces and use a specialized brush to remove the dust. To get a thorough clean, you can add running water.

The next thing is cleaning the outsole thoroughly and remove any stuck dirt. If the dirt is stuck completely, you can soak the outsoles and use a hose to remove the dirt. Still, you have to clean the inner soles gently to eliminate any odors trapped inside the boot.

Lastly, you have to condition the boots once they are dry. Mostly, leather footwear requires conditioning to prevent splitting. Applying proofer to the outer layer will reduce moisture penetration to the upper materials.


The best hiking boots are not cheap. In our guide above, we have only selected the best hiking boots under $100. They are the best for every hiking enthusiast on a budget. The boots will provide good traction on different surfaces, support, comfort, and waterproofing needed at an affordable price. S

o, we hope you have found the best hiking boot from our guide above that will give you the best hiking experience.